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Harold Stephens Biographies, short stories, travel and adventure books set in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific by writer extraordinaire, Harold Stephens, who has explored the South Pacific and Southeast Asia for forty years, writing 24 books about his exciting experiences and about those of others he has met.

The South Pacific and Southeast Asia travel and adventure is brought to you by Harold Stephens who has searched for Lost Cities of Southeast Asia, hunted for sunken treasures in Southeast Asia waters including locating Battleship HMS Repulse, fought Pirates of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, tracked Southeast Asian Big Foot, explored forgotten Caves of Southeast Asia, drove Around the World in a Jeep, bought Yachting to Southeast Asia aboard Schooner Third Sea that he sailed in the search for World War II Wrecks.

Harold Stephens brings us his accounts of adventure travel and exploration in 24 Southeast Asian adventure books and some 4,000 newspaper and magazine articles from Washington Post to Bangkok Post.

SQUARE by Doug Ingold

My Wolfenden Publishing partner, Doug Ingold, has just published a new novella, SQUARE:

Thirteen year-old Tim Holter wants to tell you about a Wednesday in August, 1953. In his small Midwestern town a bartender has killed himself. A boy’s new bicycle has been trashed and the boy’s big brother intends to find out who did it. Before noon Mrs. Plummer will stand stark naked in Matsen’s Bakery and Tim will meet a pretty classmate under less than ideal circumstances. After lunch, and after Tim may have given his mother a heart attack, Mr. Schwartzentraub will introduce Tim and his friends to a mysterious chemical compound that has far more uses than Mr. Schwartzentraub could have imagined. That evening members of the town band will converge on the bandstand and the Square will fill with people of all ages. The smell of popping corn will fill the air. Girls will gather in clusters cracking their gum. And as the band plays, the boys will set forth on a mission of revenge that will leave everyone, even Officer Bradshaw, with a lot to think about. SQUARE is by turns hilarious, nostalgic and poignant.

SQUARE is available for for the Kindle immediately.

The Voyages of Schooner Third Sea

by Harold Stephens
391 pages with 131 photographs
Publication date: August 2012
ISBN 978-0-9786951-5-6
List Price: $15.95

The Voyages of Schooner Third Sea, by Harold Stephens­–this a book you must read, 390 pages with 131 photographs and packed with adventure, exploring forgotten islands in the South Seas, sailing up wild rivers of the East, searching for battle sites of World War II, diving on sunken wrecks, fighting off pirates and more. It’s the story of one man who had the dream of doing all these things, and did then. He built his own boat, but not any boat—a schooner. He did it with little money but with a dream he made come true. Now you can read how he got his schooner and for twenty years searched for the rainbow’s end.

One more trip, one more story

On sea or land, Harold Stephens sees what there is to see


By DAVID A. MAURER, Daily Progress staff writer

People passing by the Singapore shipyard would stop and stare with bemused delight at the cement hull that was taking shape.

Many of them read the large words scribbled on four pieces of cardboard bailed to a nearby pole.

“Schooner Third Sea under construction,” the top sign read. “This is a boat. It is a cement boat. Yes, it will float! No more questions, please.”

Education of a Travel Writer

By Harold Stephens
Published: June 2009
Pages: 223
ISBN: 0-9786951-2-7
Price: $14.95
Wolfenden Publishers: printing June 2009

It’s a long lonely road to become a writer, tells Harold Stephens, and although the getting there is difficult, he insists it’s not impossible. Stephens is a prolific writer and dedicated to his profession. He has written more than twenty-five books—travel, adventure, biographies and novels—and over four thousand magazine and newspaper stories, TV and video scripts, movie documentaries, and just about anything that has to do with the written word. In the beginning, when he had the dream, he was told to give it up. “You’ll never make it as a writer,” editors told him, as did most everyone else.

For the Love of Siam

The Story of the King Narai and Constantine Phaulkon

By Harold Stephens
Published: November 2008
Pages: 321
ISBN: 0-9786951-1-9
Price: $14.95
Wolfenden Publishers

The author takes us back to Ayutthaya in the 17th century when it was the capital of Siam, and the greatest city in the world.

Once Europe tasted the spices of the East, felt the fine silks of India and learned of the might of the gunpowder of China, the continent was never the same. Europe was lured by fine silks and porcelain, elephant tusks of pure ivory, jade and rubies, gunpowder, sandalwood, and for their tables, unknown before, the spices of cloves and pepper, nutmeg and mace and more. A bag of peppercorns was worth more than its weight in gold. The quest was on. But the journey overland along the so called Silk Road across Asia was long and arduous, as Marco Polo had proved in the 13th century. Caravans were plagued by disease, and ravaged by hostile robbers and bandits. These caravans, often defenseless, moved slowly, could carry little, sometimes taking years, having to cross threatening mountain passes often blocked for months by fierce snow storms and on to suffer burning desert wastes.

Return to Tsingtao

When Marco Polo in the 13th century declared Hangzhou the world's most beautiful city. He never went to Qingdao, but I imagine if he had, Qingdao might head that list. I thought about this as I stood at the end of Pagoda Pier and looked back at the city. But then when Marco Polo was in China, Qingdao was nothing more than a tiny fishing village. It was the Germans who changed all that when they took possession of the port in 1898. Then things began to happen. They built a marvelous resort town with a Teutonic influence and, in German style, they established a brewery which today produces some of the finest beer in Asia. They called their new town Tsingtao and the beer, naturally, Tsingtao Beer.

Tales from the Pacific Rim

By Harold Stephens
Publication date: May 2007
ISBN 0-9786951-0-0
List Price: $14.95

You have read and enjoyed books by Harold Stephens, and now Wolfenden Publishers is proud to announce the publication of another book by Stephens -- TALES FROM THE PACIFIC RIM. Although this collection of short stories is fiction, Stephens felt he could better tell the truth about the social habits and traditions of the people of the Pacific Rim, from Tahiti across the vast Pacific to Southeast Asia. What happens when a man wants to buy an Asian wife or when an American woman wants to impose her ideas of liberation on an Asian woman? Educate an Asian servant girl and what are the results? What are the consequences when a top gun fighter pilot changes his mind about the war in Vietnam? Can a schoolteacher impose foreign concepts on kids of a different faith, and can a beachcomber find true love in Tahiti?

The answers to these questions and others can be found in this compelling book of short stories by an author who has lived most of his adult life in Asia and the Pacific.

A Reader Writes on The Last Voyage

Reader Paul Weissleder sent along the following comments after reading The Last Voyage, and we include them below with his permission:

I can see why there has been no shortage of praise for "The Last Voyage".

I can skip the words "amazing" and "wonderful" because I have had some similar travel experiences. What you have described is not fantasy but real life, as real as it can get. That's what makes it so great.

The book is deeply autobiographical but you are not the hero.

The real heroes are the people you befriended on your voyages, without whom you would not be as happy & successful as you are today.

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