Books by Harold Stephens

The Voyages of Schooner Third Sea

Packed with adventure, exploring forgotten islands in the South Seas, sailing up wild rivers of the East, searching for battle sites of World War II, diving on sunken wrecks, fighting off pirates and more.

For the Love of Siam

The author takes us back to Ayutthaya in the 17th century when it was the capital of Siam, and the greatest city in the world.

Education of a Travel Writer

It’s a long lonely road to become a writer, tells Harold Stephens, and although the getting there is difficult, he insists it’s not impossible.

Tales from the Pacific Rim

The truth about the social habits and traditions of the people of the Pacific Rim, from Tahiti across the vast Pacific to Southeast Asia.

At Home in Asia

Stephens introduces to the reader some of the fascinating expatriate men and women he has come to know over the years. The book serves as well as a how-to-do text for those who dream about living aboard.

Who Needs a Road?

This a true story how Stephens and his companions drove a Toyota Land Cruiser and set the record for the longest, and last, motor trip around the world. The book has become a classic in motoring history.

Return to Adventure Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, namely Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Burma, Indonesia, and even tiny Singapore, is one of the last remaining quarters of this planet where adventure is still very much alive.

The Last Voyage

In "The Last Voyage" readers can learn how Stephens, with little money, built his schooner Third Sea and for eighteen years went on to sail the South Pacific and the waters and wild rivers of Asia.

The Tower and The River

A novel or romance and intrigue in which Astronaut Grant Thompson finds instead of being sent to the moon for political reasons, which he cannot understand, he is sent to the Naval Attache in Paris

Under the Rising Sun

Stephens wrote the introduction to this incredible story of Mario Machi, a survivor of the Bataan Death March. It is taken from a secret journal Mario kept. A Filipino hid the journal and years later sent it to Mario.

Take China: The Last of the China Marines

Forgotten history is the US Marine occupation of China before and after World War II. A marine at the time, Stephens was sent to China and tells the story as seen through the eyes of 17-year-old boy.

The Strange Disappearance of Jim Thompson

A great mystery of Southeast Asia is the strange disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk King. Stephens knew Thompson and people involved, and tells his version. Included are other interesting expats in Asia.

Three Decades of Asian Travel & Adventure

Commemorating Stephens' thirty years as a writer for the Bangkok Post, the newspaper chose 36 of the authors travel and adventures stories and published them by Post Books in this 303-page volume.

River of the Kings

Fascinated by Thailand's Chao Phraya, Stephens wrote this guide for those who know little about the river, even the long-time residence of Bangkok. Readers see a side of Thailand unknown to most people.

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