A Reader Writes on The Last Voyage

Reader Paul Weissleder sent along the following comments after reading The Last Voyage, and we include them below with his permission:

I can see why there has been no shortage of praise for "The Last Voyage".

I can skip the words "amazing" and "wonderful" because I have had some similar travel experiences. What you have described is not fantasy but real life, as real as it can get. That's what makes it so great.

The book is deeply autobiographical but you are not the hero.

The real heroes are the people you befriended on your voyages, without whom you would not be as happy & successful as you are today.

The other hero is Asia; without the bad the good would seem to have less value, with the exception that you could have been spared one Hurricane while you were defenceless to take action.

The passage that rang most true for me was Robert Stedman's report of how disheartened he was when few of his friends and family could appreciate what you and he went through on the "Third Sea" in Asia.

Whether it was Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Japan or Thailand, all I got from my family was a blank stare. The reaction I got on the return from my 2nd (of 3) trips to Thailand was almost enough to make me take a taxi back to the airport and get the first flight back to Bangkok.