SQUARE by Doug Ingold

My Wolfenden Publishing partner, Doug Ingold, has just published a new novella, SQUARE:

Thirteen year-old Tim Holter wants to tell you about a Wednesday in August, 1953. In his small Midwestern town a bartender has killed himself. A boy’s new bicycle has been trashed and the boy’s big brother intends to find out who did it. Before noon Mrs. Plummer will stand stark naked in Matsen’s Bakery and Tim will meet a pretty classmate under less than ideal circumstances. After lunch, and after Tim may have given his mother a heart attack, Mr. Schwartzentraub will introduce Tim and his friends to a mysterious chemical compound that has far more uses than Mr. Schwartzentraub could have imagined. That evening members of the town band will converge on the bandstand and the Square will fill with people of all ages. The smell of popping corn will fill the air. Girls will gather in clusters cracking their gum. And as the band plays, the boys will set forth on a mission of revenge that will leave everyone, even Officer Bradshaw, with a lot to think about. SQUARE is by turns hilarious, nostalgic and poignant.

SQUARE is available for for the Kindle immediately.